– Legitimate Constructors
Τhe crew assigned for the work should be both legitimate and with expertise on the specific installation and maintenance services. When it comes to the crew of LIFTEK, in particular, we hold Permit for Elevator Maintenance Mobile Crew that has been issued by the Southern Aegean-Cyclades’ Periphery.

– Technical Knowledge and Experience
Our company engineer who will be assigned to undertake the designing – study of your elevator is proficient in the topic and highly experienced, too. In this way, he will assist you in choosing the appropriate mechanism and the package that best suits your needs.

– Communication and Customer Service
It is particularly important that you feel that you can trust the people you work with. So, our company is equipped with a telephone line that operates on a 24-hour basis. The good communication between the customer and the engineer in charge of the project is absolutely necessary.

– Well-equipped Mobile Unit
Offering a quality service is directly linked to each company’s equipment. In LIFTEK we are armed with quality, reputed and certified equipment that not only makes the job easier but also safer for every type of installation-maintenance task.

– After Sale Service
The elevator parts provided by LIFTED are both reputed and certified so that the maximum degree of safety is assured. In addition, the immediate Technical Coverage offered by our crew plays an important role in our company’s reliability and quality of service.