We lift you up to the Cyclades in safety!


The “LIFTEK” elevators’ company is based in Syros and Mykonos and it also holds two further service points in Paros and Naxos. LIFTEK specializes in the manufacturing and trading of holistic elevators’ systems – including lifts and freight lifts systems – in the islands of Syros, Mykonos, Paros as well as in Naxos, Ios, Milos, Tinos, Sifnos, including the Koufonisia islands, Santorini and the rest of the Cyclades’ islands.

The company’s founder, Mr. Chris M. Lagamtzis, is an accredited Mechanical Engineer and a certified Safety Technician. He was awarded the license of employment by the Ministry of Industry. He also holds the sole license to operate an Elevators’ Technical Agency for the whole of the Cyclades that has been issued by the Cyclades’ Development Directorate of the Southern Aegean Periphery.

With many years of experience and his expertise on the elevators’ field, Chris Lagamtzis is more than capable of offering you holistic services for constructing, maintaining and repairing of elevators and freight lifts’ systems.

LIFTEK’s personnel comprises of experienced and accredited technicians who provide state-of-the-art technological support during every single stage of the project.

My first acquaintance with the elevator sector as a Mechanical Engineer. I attended the international exhibition of elevators in Italy and in Turkey in Eurasia. Also attended a seminar on Legislation and Elevator Certification.
The Christos Lagamtzis (Sole Shareholder) Company is founded in Mykonos. Experienced technical personnel is hired, a mobile service unit is created, while the unit for maintenance and installation of elevators is granted permission by the Cyclades’ Development and Industry Directorate of the Southern Aegean Periphery. It should be mentioned here that the permission in question remains, to this day, the only one issued by the said Periphery.
Launch of the LIFTEK CYCLADES ELEVATORS ΄ Technical Office in Syros and construction of its main facilities in collaboration with the largest and most reliable companies in the field (KLEEMANN, METRON, MORIS HELLAS, etc.). In the same year, in collaboration with OTIS, the company undertakes the maintenance of lifts at the airports of FRAPORT in Mykonos and Santorini.
The company has already expanded to Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Ios and Santorini with a large clientele (hotels, shops, health stores, houses, villas, etc.). Now we have expanded the range of our products (food elevators, metal wells, etc.) and provide complete solutions in the field of elevators.
Through continuous research on accessibility measures for special needs people and the elderly, we integrate a department of Designing Installation Solutions. In cooperation with leading European companies in the field, we initiate the installation of stair lifts with seats and stair lifts for wheelchairs. During the same year, we were assigned the maintenance of the elevators at the Syros’ General Hospital of Syros, the Naxos’ Hospital of Naxos and the building of the South Aegean Periphery.
Τhanks to our five-year experience in constructions and to our knowledge of the particularities of the Cyclades’ architecture, we noted the lack of both reliable and certified systems for external elevators – lifts and external freight lift systems for the people with special needs. Following extensive research, we opt for cooperating with AVIEK Company, thereby being now in a position to provide solutions for external installations that work in harmony with the Aegean architectural landscape.


LIFTEK both manufactures and maintains lifts that pertain to all types of installations. For example::

  • Elevators for persons
  • Commercial Freight Elevators / cargo lifts
  • Dumbwaiter lifts
  • Special Needs People’s Elevators or Freight Elevators
  • Stairlifts
  • Hydraulic Elevators
  • Machine room-less (MRL) Elevators
  • Elevators without Machine Room
  • Vehicle Lifts
  • Metallic Shafts Construction for Elevators
  • Specialized Installations

For Credit Card payments, our company offers all clients the facility to pay in up to 36 INSTALLMENTS for all services!!!

Τhe LIFTEK Elevator Technical Company as well as FIRETEK that specializes in the domain of Fire Safety – Fire Extinguishing and Fire Detection are both part of the CHRISTOS LAGAMTZIS Group of Companies Sole Shareholder.